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January 4, 2010

1st. Round of Aid to Tamil Schools

There are a total of 523 Tamil schools nationwide .To kick start the project,  as a pilot project , we have identified 34 Tamil schools in various states , which include states both under BN and Pakatan , to show that this aid is given on the basis of the needs of the schools . 

The break down is as follows  ; 

No Area Number of Schools Cost ( RM)
1 Kawasan Selangor and Kuala Lumpur  19 2,248,130.00
2 Perak 6 285,000.00
3 Daerah Segamat, Johor 8 2,570,000.00
4 Kedah 1 104,000.000
  Total 34 5,207,103.00

The amount that we have targeted is about 10 % of the proposed  RM 50 Million , almost all 34 schools have an urgent need for basic furniture and basic facilities . These are items which  can be rapidly delivered to the schools . The Structural  works listed are also minor works which can be done in a short span of time.

 1) FURNITURE such as Chairs and Tables, Canteen bench & Long Table, Cupboard, shoe rack, Teacher’s Table and Chair, Kerusi Plastik Tebal , Kabinet fali besi

 2) FACILITIES such as  Computers, Ceiling fans, Wall Fans, Papan tulis 4’x8′ (White Board), Papan Keyataan ( Soft Board), Potable PA system, Mesin Fax

3) STRUCTURE Such as “Pondok Bacaan”- Classroom (Additional), Toilet facities, Fence ( Pagar), Flooring, Painting job,  Roof leaking

By focusing on these issues  it is hoped that once we have delivered this aid to these schools the community will believe that there is a genuine intent on the part of the government to help the Tamil schools and others who were reluctant to give us the list will now come forward with their list.

4)BUILDING and Renovation – Progress

My Nadi’s 1st project was the Senawang Tamil school which experience flood and damage, The school will a new of 4 storeys Building with cost of building  RM 4.9 million. 

Sungai Salak  Tamil School,  with 120 pupil in a Shop Lot in Lukut town was granted RM 4.3 million to build school with field, the school also contverted into FULLY AIDED School and will not combine with SJKT Kem Tentera. as it will be stand on its own

SRJK (T) Sua Betong…..