Start early 2009 myNadi has achieved various project for the benefit of the communities

1. For 34 Tamil schools has identifiedf and allocated “peruntukan” facilities worth RM 5 million

2. Various schools had new blocks and classroom which value worth of RM 20 million

3.   On 1st May 2009, join with MHC had organised prayer for Sri Lanka victim at Batu cave

4.  9th Aug  2009, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became the first Prime Minister to make an official visitv to Batu Cave since his father Tun Razak did in 1970. Some 15000 crowd


1 Malaysia Batu Cave Canival

5.  Batu Caves temple committee chairman Datuk R Nadarajah’s request for help to further develop Batu Caves into an even bigger tourism attraction and that the government will allocated additional funds to that purpose. A Total of RM3.6 Million was spent to upgrade Batu Cave

Solar powered Temple


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